New Radio Station for Grand Theft Auto V

The Alchemist and Oh No are pairing up again as the duo Gangrene to bring a new radio station to Grand Theft Auto V.  The radio station, named “The Lab” will be debuting on the PC version Grand Theft Auto on April 14th. The music produced will also be collected under an album, Welcome to Los Santos for those who may be fans of Gangrene but don’t have the game on PC. The album drops on April 21st, a week after the premier of the radio station on Grand Theft Auto V. 

The album/station will feature guest artists like Little Dragon and Samuel T. Herring (of the synthpop band, Future Islands). One of the songs set to appear, “Play it Cool” (featuring Samuel T. Herring and Earl Sweatshirt) has been released as a sneak preview. It has been linked for your convenience below.

No announcements have been made as to whether the new radio station will be patched onto the console version of the games.

Source: RockStar Games

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