Marvel Mighty Heroes: Enter the Punisher

A week ago, Marvel revealed Iron Man as the first playable character for their upcoming Marvel Mighty Heroes game. Today, the Punisher marks the second confirmed character for the mobile title. According to Marvel, the Punisher will be a bit of a glass cannon. Dodging enemy attacks will require a bit of experience and skill.

Three suits have also be announced, with each unlocking a new skill. The classic suit will bring with it the “Machine Gun” ability, the trench coated War Journal suit will unlock “Incendiary Rounds”. The third suit is a post Civil War look in which Castle honors Steve Rogers (thought dead at the time) by adding a bit of red, white, and blue onto his Punisher suit. This last look, dubbed “Captain Punisher” will bring with it an ability called “Grenade Storm”



Marvel Mighty Heroes launches later this year for iOS and Android.
Source: Marvel

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