Marvel Mighty Heroes: Carol Danvers

Carol Danvers currently holds the Captain Marvel title, but has been known under various names throughout her years. Taking on names from Binary to Warbird, and perhaps as the name she’s best known by, Ms. Marvel has come to be a staple of the Marvel universe. 

Coming into Marvel and DeNA’s Marvel Mighty Heroes, Carol Danvers’ reveal also comes with three announced suits like the characters revealed before her.

  • Modern- The Captain Marvel uniform that Danvers now wears will unlock an ability called “Galactic Aura”
  • Ms. Marvel- The black and gold suit that Ms. Marvel wore will be familiar to most people. Unlocks “Marvel Dash”
  • Classic Ms. Marvel- The red colored suit that Carol wore in her first appearance as Ms. Marvel. Karla Soffen/Moonstone wore the classic Ms. Marvel suit (and the name) while serving on Norman Osborn’s Dark Avengers.



Marvel Mighty Heroes launches later this year for iOS and Android.

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