Marvel Mighty Heroes Announces First Playable Character

Marvel/DeNA’s upcoming mobile Marvel Mighty Heroes has unveiled its first playable character: Iron Man. Justin Lambros, a DeNA executive producer has stated that Iron Man will best fit into the role of a “Blaster”, a class capable of dishing out high damage without losing mobility. He has also confirmed that a wealth of Iron Man suits will appear in the game, and that each suit will unlock a new ability. Players can equip up to three skills.

marvel mighty heroes iron man

Heroes and their various respective “suits” (skins) will all have different rarities, ranging from 1 star to 5 stars. The higher the rarity, the higher the stats. However, Lambros wanted to add that while collecting these different suits will grant certain skill unlocks, once they are unlocked they will not be restricted to their specific suits. For example, if you’ve unlocked the “Smart Bombs” skill from the Silver Centurion suit, but prefer the sleek look of the Model 42 suit, you can wear what you please, as the highest rarity and skill unlocked will automatically be applied for your characters.


Marvel Mighty Heroes launches later this year for iOS and Android. If you’re interested.

Source: Marvel

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