Johnny Cage confirmed for Mortal Kombat X

One of the original Mortal Kombat characters and father to Mortal Kombat X new comer, Cassie Cage, Johnny Cage has been confirmed as a combatant in Mortal Kombat X.

Recently announced during GDC 2015, Netherrealm has confirmed that that Hollywood master of martial arts will indeed be coming back for another go. This brings the MKX roster to 19 confirmed characters so far.

How awesome is that, Johnny gets to join up or smash the living hell  out of his daughter in Mortal Kombat X.  Sounds like this family may need some counseling.

Mortal Kombat X releases on for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC on April 14, 2015. Mortal Kombat X will also make an appearance on mobile phones and tablets.

Sources: IGN, Twitter