International Indie Spotlight – Project Root

As a fan of SHMUPs (SHoot-eM-UPs,) I haven’t been truly impressed with some of the games that have been coming down the pike in terms of the genre. Regardless of that, something just came my way and immediately impressed me. That game is known as Project Root, from Argentinian studio OPQAM.


Project Root is a shoot-em-up adventure from OPQAM

 Project Root puts you in the role of rebel ace, Lance Rockport, the pilot of the advanced F-72 Zonda hover fighter in a fight against the ruthless Prometheus Corporation. Players will be taken across eight large and open levels, battling air and ground troops, progressing with different upgrades in firepower, armor and maneuverability. Players will also utilize special weapon drops during battle, constantly evading a hell-storm of bullets and projectiles and engage in frenetic boss battles to end the evil world-domination aspirations of the Prometheus Corporation.

Project Root releases on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita (PS Cross-Buy) on April 28th, 2015. And for those who are curious about a PC release, it’s currently out on steam for $9.99 – link.

For more info on Project Root, be sure to check their website out at

 ProjectRoot_refineryboom01 ProjectRoot_fireworks01 ProjectRoot_energywalls01 ProjectRoot_enemybase01 ProjectRoot_disruptor01 ProjectRoot_boss02