HTC, Valve Launching Virtual Reality Helmet ‘Vive’ in 2015

HTC is ready to provide some competition to it’s major smartphone rival, Samsung, this time in the Virtual Reality department.

HTC and Valve announced earlier today in a presser at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona that they would be collaborating in the release of their new ‘Vive’ virtual reality headset.

“Virtual reality will totally transform the way we interact with the world, and will become a mainstream experience for the consumer, attending real-time concerts, learning history, watching an incredible movie, reliving memories through photos or shopping experiences will be transformed.”

-Peter Chou, HTC CEO & co-founder

In addition to Steam’s contributions, which have been said to include the upcoming Steam Machine and SteamOS, HTC has lined up content from companies and media distributors, such as Lionsgate, HBO and Google when Vive launches later this year.

The news comes a little over a month after Microsoft announced their own augmented reality headset, the Microsoft HoloLens at a Windows 10 event in January.

No price point has been announced as of yet.

Source: Variety

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