GTA V’s Online Heist Update Bigger Than Expected

Today Rockstar has detailed what exactly will come in GTA V’s online Heist update, and it is much bigger than originally thought. Included with the new heist missions are new PvP modes, daily objectives, and new free roam activities.

The new daily objectives feature will give the player a chance to complete challenges, while on a job or in free roam. The challenges will be renewed daily and will be rewarded with in-game cash. According to Gamespot, “Rockstar says stacking challenges over the course of more than a day can net you as much as $500,000.”

The new free roam activities will bolster the random events, in reoccurrence and description, and further integrate the main story’s characters to online. For example, Lester may call upon you to distract the police away from one of his clients, Lamar may asking you to destroy items, or Trevor and Ron may ask you to help with rival planes while in the air.

The new PvP modes are named Come Out to Play, Siege Mentality, and Hasta La Vista. 

  • Come Out to Play, well-armed but hobbled Runners will be traced down by Hunters that use free-aim shotguns and must stay on their ATV or motorbike.
  • Siege Mentality is an Alamo situation; 4 well-armed players placed in a defensive area must survive waves of a team of 6 players wielding sawed-off shotguns. 
  • Hasta La Vista has a team of players on bicycles attempt to reach the finish line while being chased down by players in Semi-Trucks.

Additionally a new offline e-mail system between players and new awards, including car mods and clothing, will come with the update.

The update will release March 10 for consoles and the delayed PC Version will come with the update already installed on April 14.

Source: Gamespot

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