Forced 2: The Rush Beta Steam Key Giveaway

What time is it? It’s Key Giveaway day, that’s what day it is and do we have some keys to give away. This time up we have several beta keys for Betadrawf’s upcoming sequel, Forced 2: The Rush. What, you don’t know what that is?

Well it’s simple; Forced 2: The Rush is a rogue-like game where you compete in randomly generated arenas against computer controller characters, bosses and even other human players. You’re able to select a champion and deck him/her out with a series of cards that provide you with gear, spells and more. Oh and of course you collect loot, tons and tons of loot! 

Hey, we actually interviewed a member of the team who’s working on this, why not check that out for a better idea of the game – here.

Sound good to you? We thought so! So now that you know about the game, there’s just one more thing to do….. enter our giveaway.

How to enter the Forced 2: The Rush Beta Steam Key Giveway:

1. Read the top portion of this post, which you already did.
2. Enter your email into the entry box below.
3. Wait for the contest to end.
4. Profit!

See, it’s really easy and no, we won’t spam your email address. Truth be told only the all mighty entry box can see the email address and even if we’d tried to get your email address, it would smack our hands

Contest ends on 3.20.2015 @ 12:01 PM EDT.

Good Luck!

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