Have you ever played any of the Final Fantasy series games and wondered how it would be like to ride a Chocobo for real? I know, right? Well sadly you won’t be able to ride along this guy, considering that he’s only about 5 inches tall  unless you’re Antman or some other super short person. But you can still take this Chocobo home with you, thanks to the Square Enix Final Fantasy Static Arts Mini series.

This adorable Chocobo will set you back about $30.00, but since he’s so cute you won’t even care, will you? What? You’ll take two of them? Well hit up either AmazonFigurine Spotlight: Square Enix FINAL FANTASY STATIC ARTS MINI CHOCOBO or Square Enix’s online store for you very own.

You can’t have this one, this one is all mine!

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