Update: DC Gives A Huge Preview of Post-Convergence Universe


Green Lantern Hal Jordan has joined the party and today we got a look at his new suit. Hal Jordan will be sporting a coat, hood, and the green lantern gauntlet instead his boring old ring.


Original Story:

In a special segment with Comicbook.com, DC Comics gave a preview of the post-Convergence unified universe. This preview includes the synopsis and the covers for 10 of the new books coming this June.

In what is referred to as a “soft reboot,” we have gotten the synopsis and issue #1 cover of Bat-mite, Bizarro, Doomed, Dr. Fate, Justice League 3001, Martian Manhunter, The Omega Men, Prez, Red Hood/ Arsenal, and Robin: Son of Batman.



Some highlights include:

  • The Justice League 3001 cover appearing to have a female version of lantern Guy Gardner
  • Doomed centers around the idea that the Doomsday creature can transfer between people
  • Bizarro and Bat-Mite embracing their comedy and childish concepts and being rated E comics
  • A new character will don the helmet of Dr. Fate
  • The Omega Men have killed lantern Kyle Rayner
  • The Martian Manhunter is a spy now
  • Robin now has a new pet, a new version of Goliath

 Additionally, DC has revealed new looks for post-Convergence Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, and Green Arrow.


For more information, a better look at the covers, a better look at the new costumes, and the synopsis for the new books look to ComicBook.com


Source: Comicbook