West Coast Port Strike Hindering Nintendo

Last Tuesday, Nintendo held their 3rd quarter accounts briefing and afterward President and CEO of Nintendo, Satoru Iwata, participated in a Q&A session. During this session Iwata made a statement that Destructoid’s Jason Faulkner has translated for us, reading:

“In today’s presentation, we examined the sales of the New Nintendo 3DS overseas. The figures for the first week showed drastically higher adoption rate than during the release of its predecessor. The first shipments to Europe and the United States sold most stock that made it to shelves in the first two (Europe) or three (United States) days. We believe that sales could have been even better in the United States. For the last six months, labor negotiations on the West Coast of the United States have made getting goods to shore slow, as the amount of berths open are lower than usual and therefore the harbors are congested. Many of the heavier goods sent to the U.S. have still not arrived to their destinations. However, this has had little effect on total amiibo and software sales as they are light enough that we can ship by air if we have to. The companies being affected by this the most are appliance manufactuerers that don’t have any other option then to ship by sea. Even though the New Nintendo 3DS has had the handicap against its supply, the public has still shown huge interest in it and sales are phenomenal. Many think because the New Nintendo 3DS is the second half of this platform cycle, business will steadily continue to shrink. I believe that there is a possibility that we can influence a different scenario to occur.”

If your still waiting for your local shops to resupply on Amiibos, you might want to check in on how the port strike is doing, or you can wait to see if Nintendo will start doing air-drops to Best Buys and GameStops.

 Source: Destructoid