Valve’s Steam Controller to make an appearance at PAX East 2015

Originally thought to only making an appearance at the upcoming 2015 GDC, it also seems that Valve’s revised Steam Controller will also make an appearance at the upcoming PAX East 2015 event. It will be shown off at the Alienware booth (#9092) and will be paired with an Alienware Alpha and running Valve’s SteamOS.

Attendees will be able to demo the controller, however it wasn’t stated as to what extent.


PAX East 2015 runs runs from March 6-8th, which is next week and several of The Outerhaven crew will be there to take in the event. We hope to have plenty of pictures and hands on with the controller.

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    Good ol' JS

    Know what? I’m tired of friggin controllers/gamepads. Can someone come out with an analog keypad like the Tartarus? I want analog FPS movement on my left hand and my multi-button mouse on my right. The problem is that every keypad is full of programmable keys like we all sit around playing WOW/LOL/DOTA all day.