Slender: The Arrival Heads for PS4 and Xbox One

In 2012, a new indie horror hit, Slender: The Eight Pages (then known simply as Slender), sent the internet in a frenzy. Basing the game around the internet-created Slender Man, a mysterious tall figure with a blank white face, the Slender Man was said to be fond of stalking and kidnapping. With its success, a sequel Slender: The Arrival was released in 2013 for PC and 2014 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Slender: The Arrival centers around a woman named Lauren, who looks for her missing friend. While the first game revolves around collecting pages around a map, Slender: The Arrival contains more of a narrative and requires a variety of tasks to be completed. However, most of the features available from the first game have transferred over. Players will only be armed with a flashlight, with no real way to defeat Slender Man, other than escape. Sightings of the Slender Man will cause static, audio deformities, and other effects that makes playing the game in a dark room a truly terrifying experience. These effects will also prevent players from pausing the game due to fear (as was the case with Slender: The Eight Pages) leaving the options of trying to escape the Slender Man and simultaneous pants wetting or turning your system off.

Blue Isles Studios announced today that The Arrival will come to PlayStation 4 on March 24th and a day later for XBox One. The game will be a digital release for a low $9.99

Sources: Games Press


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