Pebble Announces New Smart Watch

Pebble took to kickstarter once again to raise money for the next Pebble Smartwatch. Once again, they succeeded in their goal, rather quickly, and have unveiled the Pebble Time.

The Pebble Time keeps many of the same features of the last two Pebble smart watches with some big additions. This time around the Pebble Time boasts a color display capable of 30 fps, a charging port that dual functions has an accessory port, and a built in microphone, capable of voice-to-text. Additionally a new design comes with the new model, but retained are the 7 day battery life, e-paper display, physical buttons, and changeable watch straps.

The Pebble Time will be available in May; for now, you can pre-order your watch here on kickstarter. For a full preview of the watch, you can look here at C-Net.


 Source: C-Net, Kickstarter

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