The Order 1886 Can’t Be Released Without Controversy

With days to go before the PS4 exclusive The Order 1886 is released, a series of videos surfaced on YouTube claiming to be a complete play through of the game. The YouTube videos are seemingly a speed run, clocking in at just over five hours long. Not only where these videos uploaded before the actual game was released but the length of these videos is what is causing concern.

All of the videos combined have the game finishing in about 5 hours and this has lead to users being concerned over a 5 hour, short, campaign. Ready At Dawn’s chief technical officer Andrea Pessino claimed he would not be baited into the controversy; however, at a press conference in Milan shortly after, he replied that “at a normal pace and difficulty level, you can finish the game in a window between eight and ten hours.”

The YouTube videos were uploaded by PlayMeThrough and since the controversy, the account has been suspended and all videos taken down.

The Order 1886 releases Feb. 20, 2015.