Off The Shelf #3 – Durarara Feat. The Anime Pulse

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Hello everyone and welcome back to another episode of  Off The Shelf. I know it has been a long time since our last episode in November 2014, but we’re back now. This episode features The Anime Pulse as we review the smash hit series Durarara in it’s manga form.

There are currently 9 volumes of Durarara in available in English by Yen Press please support the official release of this series. The 10th volume will be released some time in July 2015. (This news is post the recording of this podcast)  

Topics Include

  • The subtle differences between the Anime and Manga
  • The origin of the Durarara series
  • Other Anime and Manga recommendations.
  • Don’t mess with Shizuo Heiwajima!


Intro Song –  ComplicationROOKieZ is PUNK’D
Outro Song –  Trust me –  Matsushita Yuya

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About The Author


Matthew "GetSelious" Paul "is an fighting game enthusiast and manga & comics aficionado. He enjoys a good read as long he can find one. He loves traveling to tournament venues and meeting and talking to new people. He is currently one of the Cohosts of the A-01 Podcasts and War Of Infinite Panels.