Oceanhorn is setting sail for the PC this March 17th

When I first played Oceanhorn, it was on a friends iPad at work. And while I did enjoy it, I never did finish it, mainly due to not owning my own iPad. I felt it was a decent Action / RPG and reminded me of some of my other favorite games such as Golden Sun, Beyond Oasis and Land Stalker (remember that Sega Genesis classic?). However it was all touch control and I didn’t feel that it did the game any justice, however the studio that created the game is set to change all that and in a big way.

Set to make it’s PC debut on March 17th, Oceanhorn got a huge make over and the video shows off exactly how much of a difference it makes; 4x the polygon count, sharper textures, new lighting effects and more. But it’s not just visuals that got a bump up as the game will now be able to played with either a keyboard & mouse or gamepad.

We have been working on something special these couple of months and now Oceanhorn is destined to debut on Steam March 17th 2015!

All of the game’s graphical assets have been tweaked for the PC platform. We added four times more polygons, sharper textures, normal maps, detail objects and new lighting effects such as dynamic ambient occlusion, soft shadows and realtime reflections to make Oceanhorn look stunning when played in 4K resolution.

Overall, we are pretty damn happy with the outcome of this definitive version of Oceanhorn and we are truly honored to welcome the Steam audience to enjoy the adventures at Uncharted Seas!

I had no idea this was coming to the PC but I’m glad that it is. Not only will I finally get to complete the game but I’ll be able to do it with actual physical controls and on some higher end hardware to boot. 

So be on the look out for Oceanhorn when it sails into port via Steam on March 17. I know I will!

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