No demo for Mortal Kombat X, confirmed by Ed Boon

With the majority of most AAA titles costing between $50-60 and sometimes more, gamers look towards demos to give them some indication on how a game plays, in hopes that they don’t end up spending their hard earned cash on a bad game. And for the most part demos have been well received by both the developing company and it’s publisher, but not always as they tend to take time away from development. And it seems that you can add Netherrealm’s upcoming Mortal Kombat X to the pile of games that will not have a demo.

As confirmed on Twitter by Ed Boon, Mortal Kombat X will not have a demo prior to it’s release.


It’s one thing to have a demo for a an action / adventure game however fighting games, while they have had their share of demos, is a different beast and a demo typically isn’t a good indicator of the final product. Especially since there’s typically more balancing and tweaks done at the beginning and throughout the life of the title.

Does this change your decision to pick up the title on day one or does it matter to you at all? As for me, I’ve seen enough to know that I’ll still pick up Mortal Kombat X, just not sure if it will be day one.

Source: Twitter

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