New Dissidia Final Fantasy Announced

A new Dissidia game, Dissidia Final Fantasy was just announced at the Japan Amusement Expo by publisher Square Enix. The Dissidia series consists of 2 fighting games that were exclusively for the Sony PSP. Not much is known, though the latest entry is reportedly slated for arcades, with no news on a console or PS Vita port. 

Final Fantasy 14, (the only newly released Final Fantasy after the most recent Dissidia title) will have a representative in the form of Y’shtola (can be seen at 0:45 in the trailer). The game seems to also feature a 3 versus 3 battle system. Returning characters like Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy 7), Lightning (Final Fantasy 13), and Warrior of Light (Final Fantasy) among others can be seen throughout the trailer.

This marks the first Dissidia game to be released since 2012’s popular Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy. 

Square Enix has launched a teaser page:

Watch the trailer below: 

Source: IGN

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