Netflix is working on a Legend of Zelda live action show?

Say that again? Netflix, who is already working on several Marvel Comic properties, is now rumored to be making a new show based off of The Legend of Zelda? And it’s reportedly going to be a live action show? Is this for real? 

Sources close to the matter state that the show is in early development and that a writer for the show hasn’t even been acquired yet, however it definitely seems that this is going to be a thing, folks. As a huge Legend of Zelda fan myself, I can’t tell if this is a good thing or a bad thing, especially since there hasn’t been many live action shows or movies that have actually done justice to a video game. The films Super Mario Brothers, Double Dragon and Street Fighter are clear examples and I hope that this series don’t turn out like those films.

Please Nintendo GODS, let this be good! I want action, I want an epic plot and I’ll even settle for Link saying ” Excuse me, Princess” from time to time. In fact, Link needs to say that in every episode.

Sources: Business Insider

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