Nerd Block teams up with cosplayers, announces Nerd Play

Looks like Nerd Block has decided to up the ante and released info on a new product called Nerd Play. But what exactly is Nerd Play? Starting now, Nerd Block will offer Nerd Play, which is a 144 trading card set that features 12 well known cosplayers, as they do what they do best and cosplay as characters from cartoons, comics, tv shows and video games. The NerdPlay set will be available as a 10 card pack, with a 1 in 6 chance to score a rare foil card and will be available via the Nerd Block subscription. 

And when we say well known cosplayers, we’re referring to Chaka Cumberbatch, Yaya Han, WindoftheStars, Monika Lee, Nicole Marie Jean, LeeAnna Vamp, Jayden Okageo, Lisa Lou Who, Meagan Marie, Abby Dark Star, Ashley Hay and Yuffiebunny. That’s a star studded team if I’ve ever seen one when it comes to cosplaying.

What’s that? You don’t subscribe to Nerd Block but you want those wonderful cards? Fear not as Nerd Block has gone on to mention that the NerdPlay card packs will also be available via an upcoming e-store. But you should probably subscribe to Nerd Block anyway, just saying.

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