Lionhead Studios upcoming Fable Legends will be Free to Play for Xbox One and Windows 10

Looks like you won’t have any reason not to check out Microsoft and Lionhead’s upcoming Fable Legends title, at least not anymore. Recently announced by the studio, Fable Legends, will be a Free to Play title for both the Xbox One and Windows 10 enabled PC’s.

Our second goal is to ensure the game we’re working to create is available to as many players as possible. The first step to make that happen came when we announced this year that Fable Legends will be cross-playable on both Xbox One and Windows 10 PC. Today we’re announcing the next huge piece of news that’ll help us reach this goal.

Fable Legends will be free to play.

As soon as day one, gamers will be able to play the entitle game, from start to finish without any payment or microtransactions. 100% free!  And don’t forget, if you’re heading up to PAX East 2015, like we are, Microsoft will have a playable version of Fable Legends for you to check out!

For more info on this recent change, be sure to check out the FAQ here.

Source: Fable Legends Website