The Last Guardian Looses Trademark, As Sony Says, Due To Error.

Team ICO’s much anticipated next game, The Last Guardian, recently lost it’s trademark. While it has been some time waiting for the new game with Shadow of the Colossus being released in 2005 and The Last Guardian being announced at E3 2009, Sony reassures it’s fans that The Last Guardian is still in development and that this trademark loss is nothing more than a administration error.

The Last Guardian is the spiritual successor to ICO and Shadow of the Colossus, and the game is set to follow a young boy and his huge mythical pet animal. Since the E3 2009 announcement, producers and Team ICO’s founder have left the project and it is rumored that The Last Guardian has now switched platforms from PS3 to PS4.

Gamespot and DualShockers are reporting that Sony has filed a petition to get the trademark back and DualShockers are reporting that the petition was successful and that the trademark is back.

In case you have forgotten about the game in the last 5+ years since the announcement, down below is a video of the E3 2009 announcement trailer.

Sources: Dualshockers, Gamespot