Jetpack Squad is the name and it looks amazing

I don’t what I’m more impressed by; The fact that these gifs are freaking amazing or the amount of detail that can be seen in this gifs. Either way, I am really impressed… I’ve said that a lot, haven’t I? Jetpack Squad, as it’s called is a SHMUP with a focus on speed, interactivity and explosions, as it’s worded by it’s developer. Honestly it gives me that Rocket Knight Adventures + Gunstar Heroes vibe. You guys & gals remember those games, don’t you?

Well, you had me at Jetpack, so the explosions and shmup are just an added bonus.

Being developed on the Unity Game Engine, Jetpack Squad is slated for a release on the PC/MAC/Linux and while it hasn’t been stated it may appear on other platforms, if they choose to port it the Unity Engine makes it a breeze to do so.

So who’s working on this thing? Well for starters  if you’ve ever hear of Intrusion 2 then you know one half of the team, Vap, who is in charge of programming, game design and animation. The other member is known as Niconoff and on level and character art duty. Jetpack Squad is pretty much heavily in development, so don’t expect a working copy just yet.

Seriously folks, these gifs are amazing, I can’t wait to see the finished product. 

For more info and updates on Jetpack Squad, be sure to check out the official website @


Pew, pew, pew… and some more pew for extra measures!

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