Invader Zim returns!

Gracing our television screens for 2 shorts seasons on Nickelodeon, most Invader Zim fans were left wanting more. For some, Indie comic book publisher Oni Press’ announcement of an all new, original Invader Zim comic might be cause for celebration.

The publisher previously tweeted a banner bearing the message “DOOM IS COMING” with a purple background just a week ago on February 13th. If there was any doubt to this referring to Invader Zim, the message being retweeted by Invader Zim creator Jonen Vasquez was enough to cement the fact of the much loved alien’s return. Today, Oni Press makes it official.

No announcements have been made for the team working on the comic series, but CBR reports the involvement of both Vasquez and Nickelodeon, the show’s former home. Issue 1 arrives July 1st, 2015. Rejoice, for Invader Zim is back.

I’m gonna sing the doom song now.


Source: @OniPressCBR