Indie Hype: Death’s Gambit

Death’s Gambit is a side-scrolling action RPG that draws inspiration from the Souls series. Developed by the indie team White Rabbit, Death’s Gambit is their very first project and is still in early development. Players will take command of a (currently) un-named character who strikes a deal with Death in order to stay alive. 

Features like the ability to climb on bosses should excite fans of other action RPGs like Shadow of the Colossus or Dragon’s Dogma. The game also promises non-linear gameplay, with the option to take alternate route. The game has a planned PC release, with controller support but there is no word on a Steam release (though I’d expect there will). The developers have also expressed a desire to see a console release for Death’s Gambit.

White Rabbit released a reveal trailer for Death’s Gambit that should surely generate some interest. While the trailer is prefaced by a statement reminding viewers that Death’s Gambit is still a work in progress, it’s already looking to be a pretty solid game. Check below for the trailer (with amazing music, by the way) and some in-game images.





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Death’s Gambit is still in early development and as such, has no announced release date. Be sure to check back for updates as they come.

Source: Death’s Gambit, Death’s Gambit’s Official Tumblr 

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