Holy Shit, get a load of Hasbro’s Leader Class Ultra Magnus

Hasbro recently released a Masterpiece version of Ultra Magnus this past December 2014 and damn did it look good. However it was also a bit pricey at $190 or more depending on where you pick up your collectibles. Well it seems that Hasbro is going to help relieve those price concerns with a new version of Ultra Magnus and from what they showed at the 2015 New York Toy Fair, I’m sure that anyone who didn’t pick up the masterpiece variant will definitely pick this one up.

Leader class Ultra Magnus as it’s being called is rumored to have a $45-50 dollar piece tag and will be available Spring 2015. I’ve already told my wife that I will be getting one, this is one fight she won’t win and I’d advise any Transformer fan to do the same. Get the figure, not argue with your spouse that is. The toy definitely looks like Hasbro took some cues from the IDW imaging of Ultra Magnus, which makes it just that much more desirable.

Currently no stores are talking pre-orders since the toy just made it’s debut, but expect to see it soon. We’ve reached out to Hasbro and if we hear when to expect it, we’ll update the story on where to find it.

Source: Tfw2005, Collecticon