Empty Your Wallets for League of Legends’ Warden and Marauder Skins

Four new skins hits the in-game store on League of Legends. Representing the Wardens is the Titan of the Depths, Nautilus, who looks at home in a set of new silver and blue armor (which bears striking resemblance to the Summoner’s Cup). From the deserts of Shurima, wearing the same color scheme is the Blade Mistress, Sivir.

On the other side of the ring is Marauder Warwick, bearing heavy (and really pointy) steel blue armor. Queen of the civil-war ridden Freljord, Ashe makes up the last of the duo in a menacing helmet and armor matching her fellow Marauder.

Why Sivir, a known mercenary famous for ruthlessness is representing the side of the law rather than Ashe (who has fought long for the unity of her kingdom), we’ll never know. But for only 750 RP each, one can’t complain, as these are quality skins that backs up Riot Games’ statements about releasing detailed skins that aren’t just on the higher price tiers.