Deck 13 Interactive provides a postmortem look into Lords of the Fallen.

Members of the Deck 13 Interactive team, Jan Klose and Thosten Lange, provide readers with a summary on their thoughts regarding their recent title, Lords of the Fallen. The read is pretty detailed as it goes through a list things that benefited them on the development of the title, but they also weigh in on the negatives and things they felt could have gone better.

Going through the list I can say I agree with them, especially the part of not having a real beta phase. When I had my hands on with the game it was only during closed events that I was invited to, there was no actual beta phase. I left that hurt the game, especially since it was seen as a “Dark Souls” clone and while Deck 13 tried to do their own thing, in the end it still didn’t matter.

Definitely worth the read and you check it out here: Postmortem: Deck13 Interactive’s Lords of the Fallen.

Source: Gamasutra

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