Cyclops Blasts His Way into Marvel Puzzle Quest

Fans of the X-Men can now boot up Marvel Puzzle Quest and join in on the current Iso-8 Brotherhood event to start earning toward Scott Summers as a reward. Better known to most as the mutant hero Cyclops, he will make a welcome addition to any team. Ditching the trademark blue and yellow X-Men suit, he will arrive in the game sporting his Earth 616 (Main Universe) counterpart’s red suit that debuted back in 2013.

Marvel Puzzle Quest’s version of the mutant leader will come as a 3 star (ranked: rare) character with red, yellow, and black abilities. 
His skill breakdown are as follows:

  • Red- Clears a line of random tiles with his Optic Blasts and deals damage to opponents.    
  • Yellow- Converts team up tiles to red ones.                                                                                                    
  • Black- Deals massive damage. Depending on damage output, he will have to skip his next turn.

The Iso-8 run for Cyclops starts on February 12th and lasts until February 17th.

Marvel Puzzle Quest is a match 3 puzzle game (much like Bejeweled) with a Marvel backdrop, PvP, regular events, and an engaging story. Marvel Puzzle Quest can be played on phones (iOS/Android), tablets (iOS/Android), and PC (Steam). 

Source: Marvel

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