Capcom releases a new Street Fighter 5 trailer for Charlie, news on upcoming beta

Update: Added a 60FPS version below the Youtube video.

At the end of the last Street Fighter 5 trailer that we all saw a few months ago, a familiar character made his re-appearance. However what was odd about that is that character, Charlies/Nash, was supposedly dead and secondly he was sporting a familiar gem in his forehead.

Well today we get to see more of that newly “Gemmed” Charlie/Nash in action and yet another teased character. But there’s more! Capcom and Sony have stated that there is an upcoming online beta for Street Fighter 5, for both the PC and PS4. They haven’t said when but just the fact that it’s coming is more than enough.

Check out the new trailer below:

60FPS version

[KGVID poster=”” width=”750″ height=”360″][/KGVID]

SourceOfficial Capcom UK

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    Good ol' JS

    Hopefully this one won’t have all the lag issues on PC that SFIV had. Also I hope I don’t have to alt-tab my game just to get my controller to work.