Alien Infestation infects Broforce, available for download today

Just when you thought that Broforce couldn’t get any better or zanier, Free Lives Games, goes and shows you other wise. Finally available today is the often delayed Alien Infestation update that can be played either via single player or with some friends along for the ride. Aliens man, freaking Aliens!

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Fight to defend civilization as aliens encroach upon all that free people hold dear in Broforce‘s latest and largest update yet. Aliens, actual aliens, add a third dimension to this 2D action platformer as they climb up walls, leap from ceilings and feed upon unsuspecting terrorists, in the battle royale free-for-all that ensues.

This update brings a whole new alien infested campaign to fight through, as a lone wolf, or with three other players. New alien enemies, deadly traps and menacing boss fights stand in the way of both you, and the American dream.

Don’t have Broforce? Well you’re in luck as the title is %25 off currently on Steam and can be picked up for $11.24. Trust me folks, if you loved Contra during your younger years, you’ll love Broforce!


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