WoW Insider is also closing following the shuttering of Joystiq

This day just gets worse and worse folks. Previously we reported that Joystiq was indeed shutting down, thanks the efforts (Or lack of) of AOL’s restructuring. And while I knew that if Joystiq ended up closing down then so would it’s sister sites,  I just didn’t want to believe. However WoW Insider has indeed confirmed that they also will be shutting down.

I literally went to this website everyday during my World of Warcraft days and loved their articles, guides and even the WoW Insider Show.

In our final hours, however, I want this to be about us. Not just us, the staff. You, too. Our readers. We did what we did, and what we do, for all of you and with all of you. We’ve always done our very best to embrace the World of Warcraft community. We worked to ensure all were welcome. It didn’t matter who you were or how you played, how casual or hardcore, we wanted you to know you had a place. It wasn’t about being first to the news — it was about ensuring everyone had the context and information necessary to understand it. Through features like The Queue, and through you, we tried to pinpoint exactly what the players needed and how to deliver it. It was about giving praise where it was due — and criticism, too. We pushed to make the game better, and a better place, whenever we could and wherever we could. We couldn’t have done any of it with you.

WoW Insider as well as Joystiq will continue to exist until February 3rd, 2015, afterwards they will head off to that final raid boss.


Damn you AOL, damn you!

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