Nintendo, Telltale Dominate in 5th Annual Metacritic Game Publisher Rankings

A little earlier today, Metacritic released their Game Publisher Rankings for 2015, reflecting who dominated the metacritic rankings in 2014. This year, much like last, publishers were split into major and midsize rankings, and only critic’s ratings factored into the overall scores.

Nintendo takes the top spot, led by Super Smash Bros for Wii U.


Nintendo was the only major publisher to score over 75 points, with an aggregate score of 76.5, lead by games such as Super Smash Bros. for Wii U (91 aggregate) and Bravely Default (85 aggregate.) Their worst scored game with a 49 aggregate score was Chibi Robo: Photo Finders, which was the only game that scored lower than 50 aggregate. 2 games were regarded as great, while 56% of their releases were considered good, and 3% (Chibi-Robo) were considered bad.

Ubisoft came second with an 74.1 aggregate and EA came third with a 74.5 aggregate. EA only released 29 titles this year, while Ubisoft gave us 54.

Activision came last in the rankings with a 67.1 aggregate, led by Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition (90 aggregate) and Destiny (76 aggregate.)

As for the  mid-sized publishers, Telltale took the prize with an aggregate score of 79.7, followed by Paradox Interactive (77.7) and Capcom (76.9)


Telltale takes the top spot for the mid-sized publishers.

Going further down in the breakdown, especially by platform, the PC platform dominated the year with the Highest Average Metascores hovering over 75 aggregate. Sony came in with 3 publishers over 75 and Microsoft had none.

PC games seemed favorable to critics in 2014

PC games seemed favorable to critics in 2014

Source: Metacritic


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