New Edge of Eternity Gameplay footage now up on Youtube

Edge of Eternity is a RPG that is currently in development for PC, Mac and PlayStation 4 by Midgar Studio, who by the way is a 4 man studio (last I heard anyway). Reminds me of the Final Fantasy titles of old, especially Final Fantasy 7 (My favorite) and Star Ocean:TLH, whichis a good thing.

Edge of Eternity takes place in the world of Heryon, which has been invaded by an alien civilization that is enslaving anyone that gets in their way, and spreading a virus that is turning people into animals and metal monsters. You play as Daryon, a character who is forced to taking it upon himself to save the world, and to discover his real origins. Seriously, why can’t those pesky aliens just leave well enough along sometimes.

Definitely looks pretty interesting and I don’t know about the rest of you but i’ll be following this title very closely. For more info on Edge of Eternity, head on over to or follow Midgar Studio at @EoeGame.