Here are some of the games I’m looking forward to in 2015

Oh man, 2015 is here and you know what that means, right? No? It means all those games that we’ve been hearing about and watching are finally going to be released this year, that’s what it means. And just like you I have a pretty tall list of games that I just can’t wait to play, but there are some games that simply outweigh the rest and that I have to play. So it’s 2015 and here is my short list of must have titles for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and yes even the Wii U.

And like I said, this is a short list, there’s tons of games out there that I want to play and I’ll get around to them but after these are done with that is.

    • Bloodborne – PlayStation 4


      Topping the list at #1, Bloodborne is perhaps my most eagerly awaitied title of 2015 and for good reason. As many know I am a huge Demon Souls and Dark Souls fan,so you an imagine how hyped I am for FROMSOFTWARE’s first venture onto the PlayStation 4. From everything we’ve seen so far it’s definitely looking like I’ll be spending a crap load of time on this title. And to give you an idea on just how much; I’ve played Demon Souls for about 60 hours, I’ve been Dark Souls 1 on both the Xbox 360 and PC 3 times, Dark Souls 2 on the PlayStation 3 twice and at least 5 times on the PC version of it. I’m currently sitting at 336 hours of time played on Dark Souls 2 for the PC. So yeah, I can’t wait for Bloodborne and if this ends up being the best time from FROMSOFTWARE yet, expect to see over 400 hours in this game from me.

    • Star Citizen – PC


      The Wing Commander series will always been near and dear to my gaming heart, it was part of my childhood and my PC gaming upbringing after all. So once I head that Chris Roberts was back and wanted to make a more ambitious title and a space trading and combat simulator, I was on board. Who doesn’t like futurist space fighters, dog fighting after all? But there’s more, on top of the space simulator will also be a first person shooter portion that will let you get out of your ship and go all rambo style while being part of a persistent multiplayer universe. And there will even been Oculus Rift support baked in as well. Yep, yep and yep, I can’t wait for this. I just hope my PC can run it with no issues.

      Make no mistake, if I have to play just one PC game this year then this is going to the one.


  • Below – PC


    From the minds of Capybara Games, the same studio that brought us titles such as Super Time Force and Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery, comes a yet another roguelike title but with a spin. In Below you play via a top-down perspective in a dangerous and mysterious world, with a rather unique take on how the game plays out. While like most roguelike games, death is the means to an end however in Below it’s handled differently as you’ll find out when it releases. I was lucky enough to get some hands on during PAX East 2014 and loved the challenge it presented, so I can’t wait til I can fully enjoy some quality time with the game. Jim Guthrie also joins Capy yet again and provides the musical score for the title.

  • Mighty No. 9 – PCmightyno9_logo

    Ken Infanue’s latest attempt to recapture the magic that made his previous creation, Mighty No.9 has been in development since 2014 and so far several beta releases have been pushed out and have been doing well. So it’s just a matter of time before the time is complete and released into our grubby hands and I can’t wait. Loved Mega Man in my younger gaming years and while Beck isn’t a complete substitute, it definitely has the stuff to be exactly what we need and that’s a new blue bomber.

  • Evolve – PC

    From the team that brought us Left 4 Dead 1 and 2, comes yet another team based shooter. Only this time instead of shooting the undead we’re tasked with hunting down some kick ass monsters instead and damn is it fun. I had a chance to play this a few times via conventions and the closed beta on both PC and Xbox One and everyone who hasn’t tried this yet is in for a treat in either 4 vs 1 or 1 vs 4 (as the monster), it’s fun for both sides. And as an added bonus I’ll be picking up 3 copies of this game since both my kids loved Left 4 Dead as well and we still play it today, so I can only imagine how this is going to go down. Hurry up and release already, Evolve!

  • Tom Clancy’s The Division – PC

    Tom Clancy The Division

    First and foremost, thank the gaming GODS that Ubisoft wised up and decided to port this to the PC. Let’s just hope that when it makes it over that it’s a GOOD port! Key word, GOOD! So anyway, The Division is an open-world third person shooter that involves role-playing and survival elements, all while setting it in a MMO-like environment. Tasked with combating an outbreak of a dangerous disease (aren’t they always?) that has basically brought the United States to its knees, you are all that is left to save whatever remains, co-op style against not only the AI but other player controller characters.

  • Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain – PC


    Yet another entry in the “Previously  a console only title”, Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain is the next chapter of that stealth title that’s not always about stealth. Playing the role of “Venom Snake” aka Big Boss, you get to do all sorts of bad ass stuff. This title is actually the precursor to Metal Gear (anyone remember that game?) and may be the last Metal Gear title from Hideo Kojima, but we’ve heard that somewhere before… haven’t we? Expect some kick ass gunplay, sneaky-like combat and even some sexy ladies as we run around with boxes on our heads, Metal Gear Solid style.

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