Xbox Live and PlayStation Network Back to Normal; Attacks Designed to “Show Incompetence of Sony and Microsoft”

Update 1: Looks like PlayStation Network is back offline. Ask PlayStation just tweeted the following (11:00am):

Update 2: Xbox Live is experiencing trouble with Multiplayer access on the Xbox One ONLY. PlayStation Network for the PS3 and Vita are is online, offline on the PlayStation 4. (3:29pm EST)

Update 3: The PlayStation Blog recently posted an explanation to the events of the last 3 days. Check it out here. (3:42pm)


PlayStation Network and Xbox Live back to normal:

As of 3:30 am this morning, PlayStation Network began rolling back to normal after nearly 40 hours of downtime with PlayStation 4 and intermittent access on PS3 and Vita.

After a tumultuous two days for Xbox Live and PlayStation Network users, things seem to be returning to normal after a DDoS attack, attributed to the notorious Lizard Squad. The attacks started Christmas afternoon around 1pm EST, and debilitated both Xbox Live and PlayStation Network throughout Christmas Day and Boxing Day (December 26th.) While Xbox Live recovered fine early Boxing Day morning, PlayStation Network still took another 24 hours to fully recover, showing itself offline on its official status page until earlier this morning.

Daily Dot interviews Lizard Squad; attack reasoning revealed:

The Daily Dot interviewed members of Lizard Squad yesterday afternoon, highlighting their exploits throughout the end of 2014. When asked about the reasoning behind the attack on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live (with traffic upwards of 1.2 terabits per second being pushed to the networks,) the members of Lizard Squad simply stated that the attack was “for the lulz,”  and that “they wanted to exploit the incompetence of Microsoft and Sony.”

They went on further to say that “Sony and Microsoft are -censored- retarded, literally monkeys behind a computer,” and they would fare better “hiring people that were convicted of this kind of stuff,” and thus be able to prevent attacks of this scale.

Lizard Squad also tweeted this message out last night at 6:30pm:

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