Hearthstone is finally available for play on Android

Well it’s finally happening people! Blizzard has announced that they are finally on their way on releasing Hearthstone for Android tablets. The game will be launching in the Canada, Australia and new Zealand regions first, however Blizzard will also release the game in other markets in the upcoming days. If you’re in those regions then hit up Google Play to download it today. Let me tell you folks, this game is addicting but if you’ve already played it then you already know.

If you’re not sure if your tablet can handle all that awesomeness then be sure to check out the requirements to play the game here.

The Android version of the game will also include the recently released Goblins vs Gnomes expansion that was just released, which adds 120 new cards to the game. Previously HearthStone was only available to play mobilely on the Apple iOS platform and Windows.