First generation Xbox Kinect finally rests in piece in 2015

While it wasn’t received well when it was first released, the Xbox Kinect lasted a lot longer than people expected or in some cases longer than many wanted it to. And to be honest I felt it was a step in the right direction but poorly implemented. However since the Xbox One version of the Kinect (2.0) was released, many expected that to be the final in the coffin for the original Kinect.

Now seems that that nail is upon us as Microsoft has decided to stop selling the original Kinect as of 2015.

The original Kinect for Windows sensor was a milestone achievement in the world of natural human computing. It allowed developers to create solutions that broke through the old barriers of mouse and keyboard interactions, opening up entirely new commercial experiences in multiple industries, including retail, education, healthcare, education, and manufacturing.  The original Kinect let preschoolers play educational games by simply moving their arms; it coached patients through physical rehabilitation; it gave shoppers new ways to engage with merchandise and even try on clothes. The list of innovative solutions powered by the original Kinect for Windows goes on and on.

I still have the original Kinect in my house and while don’t use it and actually never really have, my kids love it. Between Just Dance, Dance Central, Kinect Sports and a few others, I”m sure that the original Kinect will live on in my home as well as others. Well it still it stops working and I can’t find any more to replace it that is.

Where’s that hammer at……..


Source: Microsoft

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