Anita Sarkeesian will not be working with EA on Mirrors Edge 2

It was mentioned on our last podcast (Podcast #58) that Anita Sarkeesian was supposedly going to be working with EA as a consultant on their upcoming, Mirrors Edge 2. I was a huge fan of the original Mirrors Edge, so when I was told this news well I was very vocal on the subject and basically stated that if this individual was going to be involved in the game then I would want no part of it.

Admittedly I was not able to find concrete proof that Anita was going to be onboard in the first place, which is highly odd since we’re dealing with a pretty large topic here. You would think that there would be some major headline about this actually happening and sure this could have been hearsay, it is the internet after all. But it was enough to get people frustrated none the less.

Apparently I wasn’t alone about this as there was a petition that was launched over at to request that she be removed from anything dealing with this title. I mean why have a non-gamer involved in a game title, kind of makes sense, right?  Well thankfully that all turned out to be either not true or EA didn’t like the amount of bad press they were getting with this and as such as stated that Ms Sarkeesian WILL NOT be working with EA on Mirrors Edge 2.



no_anita_ME2Looks like I’ll be putting Mirrors Edge 2 back on my watch list now.



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