The second season of Attack on Titan confirmed for 2016

Say it ain’t so, but sadly it is. The second season of the 2013 breakout anime title, Attack on Titan, is set to release in 2016. After the first season ended back in September 2013, there was no word on if or when the second season would appear until some time later when it was mentioned earlier this year that the anime was on hold. Later during August 2014 it was rumored that the second season was slated to start some time during the summer of 2016 and as of now that has been confirmed.

So yes a 2 year delay but if the second season is anything like the first season then it will be worth the wait. So fans we’re going to have to hold out  for quite some time before we can get our Attack on Titan fix, 2016 is so far away.

Source: Crunchyroll