Review: Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions, I can’t put this game down! (PS4/Xbox One/PC)

PLATFORMS: Playstation 3/4, Xbox One & PC
PUBLISHER(S): Lucid Games
DEVELOPER(S): Lucid Games
GENRE(S): Action / Shoot ’em up
RELEASE DATE: November 25th, 2014
Reviewed on
– PC

My first introduction to Geometry Wars was thanks to a fantastic arcade racer from the original Xbox days, Project Gotham Racing 2, which was in the game in the form of a playable arcade gaming in the garage of the game. I must has spend as much time playing Geometry Wars on that in-game arcade more than I spent racing, it was that good and I was hooked. It was fast paced, frantic action coupled with an amazing soundtrack that had my head bobbing and my feet tapping while I was attempting to surpass my previous score all while trying to stay alive (staying alive, staying alive).  Since then several versions of game has surfaced; Geometry Wars: Evolved, Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved, Geometry Wars: Galaxies, Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2 and  Geometry Wars: Waves which was featured in Project Gotham Racing 4.

Since then there was hasn’t been a new Geometry Wars since 2007 with the release of 2007, until now. Geometry Wars 3 looks to continue the tread set by it’s previous versions with its fast paced action, ear popping music, twitch gameplay and fantastic graphics and particle effects as you blow stuff up. It’s fun but is it good?


I know, I know but I had to put that out there.

Ah, I know this game from somewhere.

Now the first thing that you may notice is that Geometry Wars 3 isn’t developed by Bizarre Creations as the studio was closed ,no thanks to Activision back in February 2011. But that’s ok folks, really it is. In fact you’ll be happy to know that the studio that’s handled the creation and development of the title, Lucid Games, is made up of former Bizarre Creation employees. The title was in the hands of its original creators and I’m sure they were happy to bring us yet another go round.


Let’s see, tight controls, a kick-ass soundtrack, a huge smile across my face. Yep, this is Geometry Wars and how I’ve missed you so! Welcome back old friend.


Crash course incoming!

If you’ve played any version of Geometry Wars then you already know what to expect and most of you will be right at home with most of the game modes, including Deadline Classic or Pacifism. The controls work just like they did in previous games as you control your character with the left analog stick, fire with the right, right trigger for your bomb and the left trigger is your… super weapon? And for your keyboard warriors, while it is possible to play this game with the keyboard (but why would you?) this game was made with a gamepad in mind. So that being the case, pick up a gamepad and forget about your rage about using the gamepad and just enjoy the moment. Trust me, you’ll forget about it all and the game will be that much better.

And if you still rather use a keyboard then I want to see some videos of you rocking out, cause seeing is believing.

Right off the bat you’re offered two ways to play the game, Adventure Mode which is exactly what it sounds like and Classic Mode which provides the following game modes; Deadline – Score as much as you can, King – Only allowed to use guns when in a specific zone with 1 life, Evolved – Score as much as you can with 3 lives, Pacifism – Score as much as possible with no guns and 1 life and Wave – Score as much as possible with 1 life. Classic gaming modes that are easy to pick up but extremely hard to put them, especially if you’re trying to beat your own personal best or your friends score on the leader-boards. Oh yes, the leader-boards, where you’ll spend minute after minutes checking to see who’s one-upped your score and for you to strike back with an even higher score. Sadly when I reviewed this not all my friends were playing at the time though I’m pretty sure that once they get on board it’s going to be one maddening race after another.

But getting back to the Adventure Mode which is also a big component of the game. This mode presents a unique set of challenges and a combination of new modes such as Titan Mode in addition to the modes that are available in Classic Mode. It’s basically a single player mode with tons of depth for you to hammer through and it adds more longevity to the game as well, and it’s fun yet aggravating . That kind of aggravating that you want to pull your hair out but you can’t stop cause it’s so much fun. Yeah, it’s like that. Oh, did I mention that the Adventure Mode features 50 stages? 50 stages to blast and dodge your way through, so have at it.

There’s also a Local CO-OP Mode that allows up to 4 players at once and trust me it’s completely crazy. The amount of things zooming across the screen at once is just as much fun as listening to the people who are playing in the room with you. There aren’t many games that give you an off-line CO-OP mode and I’m not sure what possessed Lucid Games to add this mode but I’m glad they did. If you have access to 4 controllers and 3 others to play with you, try it out. If anything it makes for a great party game and maybe even for a drunken party game, but I wouldn’t know about that last part.


These worlds aren’t flat

One of the biggest changes to Geometry Wars, well other than the Adventure Mode, is stages. if you haven’t it yet you’ll see that the worlds you play on aren’t confined to just a square or a blocky backdrop. NOPE! Instead you’ll be playing on worlds that move and evolve, spheres and other shapes which aren’t just for looks but involve an element of gameplay. For example on sphere worlds you can shoot completely around the stage and tag the baddies on the other side of even pull of some sick combos by shooting in multiple directions to score maximum payoffs. Taking a page from Super Mario himself, 3D worlds are woven fantastically into GW3 and it doesn’t feel cheap or gimmicky.

gw3_not flat

In addition to those completely trippy worlds you’ll also get to enjoy that traditional multi-colored element that’s been present in Geometry Wars since day one. Particles fly everywhere, the stages are colorful, vivid and fluid. I’ve died on purpose on several occasions just to see the multi-colored explosions, they’re just that good.

So sure the end result of this game is to either score and survive, but mainly score, it does it in way that’s enjoyable. Adding in those leader-boards it’s nearly impossible to put the game down and honestly I just don’t want to. I highly recommend this game and being at $14.99, which is where many would ended up calling this a budget game and dismissing it, I hope that level minded individuals can look pass the price tag as this game is worth so much more than it’s asking price. AND IT’S FUN!

Close to perfection as possible

It's really hard to play this game while not enjoying myself

Perhaps the only game I’ve ever gave a solid 10  but a desired 10 to. Geometry Wars 3 pulls out all the stops and I can’t find a single issue with the game. The controls are spot-on, the graphics are beautiful and well implemented, the audio is akin to being at a concert (especially if you crank your sub-woofers up!) and with all the game modes that are included in the game there’s tons of gameplay here. Seriously folks, unless you hate this style of game then you won’t be putting this down for a long, long, long time.

A solid effect by Lucid Games!




  • No Music selection on the stages!
  • 10/10
    Graphics - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Sound - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Gameplay - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Replay Value - 10/10
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