OMG, my prayers have been answered thanks to NCsoft’s Project HON

For the longest time I’ve longed for a MECHA based title for the PC, one that lets me customize my mech and lets me basically have it out against other mechs in a futuristic environment that features buildings for cover and CQC as well as plenty of space for long ranged combat. In fact the best way to sum it up is what I’ve been calling it for years, a Twisted Metal with mechs. Well it seems that NCsoft might be on to something along those lines with their latest project which is amply called, Project HON.

Project HON or Humanoid robot On Neuro-control is a Third Person Shooter with MMO elements, which involve huge multiplayer battles which seem to similar to FROMSOFTWARE’s Armored Core series, which has always been a console exclusive. Currently being developed for the PC and using the Unreal Engine 4, Project HON looks to be released sometime in 2015 however not much else is known about the game just yet, but since it was just announced we should see some more information regarding the title sooner than later. Project HON was announced during the ongoing Global Game Exhibition G-STAR 2014 event that is being held in Korea this week.

Hopefully this ends up making it over to the North American market since mech based games don’t traditional do well over here and due to that we’ve missed out on a lot of mech games in the past. Hell we’ve missed on a lot of games from East recently, haven’t we SEGA? All I know is I’ll be following this with highly anticipated interest and hope that this game will support HOTAs and even dual monitor support.. That and fingers crossed it makes it over here… to me.. in my hands.

Source: Gstar 2014, Rockpapershotgun

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