New Nanuet Arcade Boasts 4150 Square Feet of Games


For those of you looking for a new arcade to call your home, look no further than this little road trip to the outskirts of NYC, up in Nanuet, NY!  This beautiful arcade with an industrial bridge and tunnel vibe is housed in a 4150 square foot location with 24 foot high ceilings. For those of you who plan on staying for hours, the arcade also has two bathrooms and a snack bar!

Remember, gamers, food is very important to your health! It’s important to step away from the game every so often. Nanuet Arcade will have some rare games and custom cabinets you will find nowhere else! If you miss the old Chinatown Fair, it is certainly worth the trek from NYC if you have a few pals who are willing to carpool or hop on a bus. I suggest you make an entire day of visiting this arcade because the game list is huge! This place is by far bigger than any of the hole-in-the-wall spots we’re used to in Manhattan or Brooklyn. Nanuet Arcade also plans to host tournaments, so get yourself ready for some serious game time!

Here’s a list of the games that they have on location as of now.

Rerave Plus
Beatmania Pendual
Popn music
Neon FM
DJ Technika 3
Into the Groove 2 LCD
DDR Supanova LCD
Speed driver 4 quad
Initial D 7 Quad
Road fighters 3d twin
Sega grid twin
Afterburner climax
Sega strike fighter
Mortal kombat 3
Mortal kombat 4
Mortal kombat 9 complete edition
War gods
Guanlet dark legacy
Police 911 2
Ms PAC Man
Mario Brothers
Crime Fighters
Dynomite Cop
Street Fighter 4 3d
Virtual Fighter 4
Virtual Fighter 5
Razing Storm DX
Time Crisis 4 DX
House of Dead DX
Mocapp Vitural Boxing
Virtual Cop 3
Ranger Mission
Moonwalker by Micheal Jackson
Jackson Twin
Generations of Chaos
Star Wars Trilogy
Madden Season 2 NFL
NBA 2014 coin op Xbox
Galaxy Force 2 [360 degree simulator made for
Micheal Jackson bought off of Diana Ross.] Silent Scope DX
Silent Scope 2
Mario Kart
Raiden 3
Tekken Versus Street Fighter
Mirage Fighter

They will also have pinball machines. Who remembers those!?

Pinball cabinets:

Railroad tycoon
Leathal weapon
Party animal

If your eyes hurt and your hands are cramping, you may want to move around and enjoy a game of air hockey!

Nanuet Arcade opens November 15th at 12pm. Their regular hours will be  12-12 Sunday to Thursday
Friday and Saturday 12-2am.

You can learn more at and you can follow them on Twitter @NanuetArcade

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