My love hate relationship with the Xbox One controller on PC

Oh Microsoft, you really did it this time, didn’t you? And when I say you did it I mean that when you designed the Xbox One controller, you have basically created perhaps the best controller I’ve used to date. It feels good in my hand (Joke all you want, but it does), the buttons and triggers are responsive and it’s definitely my goto controller when I’m playing PC games. Yep, no more trusty Xbox 360 controller or the PlayStation 4 controller that I used as an experiment as neither can compare to the  feeling that is the Xbox One controller. Seriously folks I’m really happy with how the controller came out, even the D-pad is nice.


So sure I love it but at the same time I’m really pissed off at it and at Microsoft. Why?

I do A LOT of PC gaming on what I used to call my HTPC, which has slowly evolved into a powerhouse that could surpass my main PC rig. Combined with my 60 inch plasma TV, that PC turns into my favorite spot to game in the entire house and of course my controller is the Xbox One controller…. that I am forced to use with a 10 foot USB cable. Do you realize how frustrating that is?  Having a kick ass piece of hardware that is gimped from the start all because Microsoft hasn’t gotten off it’s ass to give the PC gamers the proper access to the controller. That very same PC gaming market that Microsoft has stated over and over again that they were committed to and have yet to provide any support short of giving us games that are several years old  or that train wreck that was/is Games for Windows Live that is or isn’t being taken off line. So sure I can see that words that are coming out of Microsoft’s mouth but I can’t hear anything they’re saying.

C’mon MS, this is crazy. I know i’m not the only person who’s been emailing you week after week asking about this? Do think I’m enjoying playing my games using this long ass USB cable that constantly gets ripped from the controller or even at times sends my controller flying across the room when my children or dog decides they want to forget how to walk? Hell, I’ll even pay a decent premium for the advantage of using the controller on my PC via wireless means, just make it happen. Please Microsoft, just give us an option of using the controller without the need for a wire because it’s lame and it’s dumb and we rather not have to do it.

OK? Just make it happen.

UPDATE: Microsoft has indeed made this happen or should I say It will be happening thanks to their announcement of a USB transceiver for the PC that will allow PC gamers to use the the Xbox One controller… without a wire. The adapter will only work on PC’s that have Windows 10 installed and either a USB 2.0 or  3.0 port and will be available to pick up for $24.99 or in a Xbox One wireless controller bundle for $79.95. The adapter should be available around the Q3/Q4 2015. 



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