Looks like there’s going to be yet another revision to Virtua Fighter 5


Looks like Sega isn’t done with with Virtua Fighter 5 just yet, even though they’ve allowed multiple characters to make the jump over to another 3D based fighter. In fact they are working on a new upgrade to the series, called “Virtua Fighter5 Final Showdown VERSION B.  Sadly much isn’t know about the upcoming update other than it will directly replace Version A and that it will be making it’s way to arcades in Japan at least and it appears to be coming in Q1 2015.

Exciting news for those Virtua Fighter fans and hopefully we’ll get some info as to what changes Version B is going to make to the series and when or if it will make it’s way to the consoles (next-gen?).


For more info on the update head over to http://www.virtuafighter.jp/news.shtml

2 Responses

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    Carlos Abdu

    …..SEGA. What part of FINAL SHOWDOWN do you not understand? The “FINAL”part? Hey, hey, look at me! Don’t point at Squenix, Squenix is a bad influence. Now you know what you did wrong…No, not just Sonic Boom, we’ll get to that later. You know what I mean: you fooled around too much with your friends, and now you’re trying to go back and fix a game that everyone already dropped by know instead of working on Virtua Fighter 6. Am I right?

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      Keith D. Mitchell

      You want a VF6? Seriously? How long did it even take to get Showdown? How long did it take to get Showdown on consoles? Hell I gave up hope for VF6 the moment Sega started whoring it’s best VF characters to DOA.

      I doubt we’ll see a VF6 and if we do it will likely stay in Japan…. and that’s a Sega reference for those not in the know.