So what the heck is GRAV? Oh cool there’s dance offs in here!


What happens when you take elements from games such as harvesting, combine them with RPG elements, introduce some dungeons, toss in some fast paced action, add a touch of PVP and even dance offs for good measure? Dance Offs and in space??  Well apparently you get GRAV, a really ambitious title from the very same folks that brought us GunnerZ (iOS). Being built on the Unreal Engine, GRAV is being being billed as a sand box experience that lets you explore planets, hunt down some aliens, build stuff, craft weapons and armors while trying to fend off players who are looking to do the same and take you out in the process. Seems promising and right up my alley.

Oh did I also mention that several members from the company that are working on this, Bitmonster,  are from Epic Games? Yep those people that gave us games such as Gears of War and my all-time favorite FPS ever, Unreal Tournament (99,2k3 and 2k4)… just not UT3.

If this looks promising to you then you’ll want to head over to Steam’s Greenlight and vote for the title – vote here.

For more info on the title, head on over to GRAV’s website.
And for more info on the team behind the title, check them out – here.

I can’t wait for this game, seems very promising and will be tracking it’s progress like a hawk watches a, er…. it’s prey.