Female Counter Strike Team Assaulted After Winning Qualifier

Imaginary Gaming and Reason Gaming involved in a disagreement this past weekend.

In a case of seemingly salty behavior, Reason Gaming’s all-female Counter Strike: Global Offensive team was assaulted after winning an Electronic Sports World Cup event in France this past weekend, granting them a spot in the main tournament, as well as being crowned the champions of France.

The incident stems from ill feelings from the coach of rival Imaginary Gaming’s coach, Aude “Sarah” Prigent towards the idea of Reason Gaming’s crowning as the “French Champion,” while hosting two non-French players, one Briton and one Swede, despite the ESWC rules that allow for only 3 of a team’s members to be nationals of the host country.

According to the story on The Daily Dot:

That’s when one of Reason Gaming players, Sophia ‘Kim.’ Benfakir, allegedly received abusive and racist texts from Imaginary Gaming coach and former Clan Mystik player Aude “Sarah” Prigent. A while later, Prigent allegedly sent another text stating that she was outside a party following the event. The players went to meet her. As they got closer to Prigent, a car pulled up and multiple female assailants exited the vehicle and began attacking the team. Four members of Reason Gaming were allegedly thrown to the floor, punched and kicked while the fifth, team captain Abi ‘Abiii’ Glover, managed to seek help. A passer-by joined in to help break up the fracas.

Following the assault, the perpetrators ran back to the vehicle and sped from the scene—however, not before someone snapped a photograph of the vehicle and its registration number.

The team issued a statement through Adam “Blanks” Heath on their website:

The girls were in complete shock at this visciously planned attack, and being baited out in a cowardly move by the attackers. Thankfully all our players are fine, some with a few cuts, bumps and bruises, but for the most part they got off lightly. But the situation could have turned out a lot worse if it weren’t for the help of the passers-by and running for help into the hotel lobby.

A full statement has been made to the Paris Police and luckily with the picture of the car’s number plate, we hope justice will be served.

Pictures courtesy of Reason Gaming and Imaginary Gaming

Source: NeoGAF via The Daily Dot, Reason Gaming