Yes folks, it’s finally official. Sam Wilson is now Captain America!

While it was hinted at before and damned near official that Sam Wilson “AKA” Falcon was going to be the next Captain America, we all knew this for a while. As of today in issue #25 of Captain America, it is not 100% official! Check this out lately and gents, the new Captain America.

Looks like they tweaked the costume a bit since we last saw it and I’m glad they keep the wings, hopefully we’ll see some high flying again for Sam’s take on Cap. Still I am a bit worried about one major detail; Captain America’s shield. Sam isn’t known for his ” shield tossing, bouncing off the wall, over the bridge and back to me” abilties, so I’m curious how they’re going to play that aspect out.

On top of getting a new Captain America comic, Sam Wilson will also be featured in the re-branding of Marvel’s “Mighty Avengers“, affection-ally called “Captain America and the Mighty Avengers“. Sort of sounds like a 80’s-90’s cartoon show, doesn’t it?



Congrats Falcon, er… Captain America, you’ve earned it. In in other news today is the release of Thor #1, where we finally find out what happened to Thor during Original Sins and who his replacement will be. Don’t miss it!

And make sure you don’t miss out on the “All-New Captain America #1, coming next month!